Thursday, 3 August 2017

Rojava administration trains hundreds of fighters in Afrin

The Defense and Self-Protection Commission in Afrin area of Rojava-Northern Syria has trained hundreds of military recruits to protect the area, military sources reported on Wednesday.

The Rojava Self-Administration confirmed that 765 youths have successfully completed their military service, during which they have been trained on the use of weapons and have been deployed to different fighting positions in Afrin.

The young fighters have performed 11-month military service. The administration held a ceremony in Afrin to celebrate the occasion on Wednesday.

Six conscript fighters have lost their lives in attacks by the Turkey-backed rebels on Afrin, and Kurdish officials said they will continue the ‘path of martyrs until victory’.

It should be noted that this branch, which was demobilized, is the seventh to be demobilized by the Defense and Self-Protection Commission in Afrin Canton.

The law of the self-defence duty, established by the Kurdish-led Rojava Self-Administration, has been implemented in Afrin since May 19, 2015. So far 10 groups of youth have been conscripted and seven of them have graduated their training.
Source: ARA News
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