Monday, 4 June 2018

Missing Songkhla woman's

Scientific crime detection police examine the black Mercedes-Benz owned by missing Pinyada Paenchan at the Muang police station in Songkhla province on Monday. (Photo by Assawin Pakkawan)

SONGKHLA: A missing businesswoman's black Mercedes-Benz was found on Monday, and police suspect her ex-husband used it to take her body from Muang district to the marsh in Hat Yai district where charred human remains have been found.

The Mercedes-Benz C200 owned by Pinyada Paenchan, 48, was found at the house of a relative of Kritsada Maikhao, 49, in Singha Nakhon district late on Monday morning. The registration plates, number khoh khor 333, had been removed.

The car was taken to the Muang Songkhla police station where it was being combed for evidence, including blood stains and fingerprints.

A source said detectives believed the body of Pinyada was put in the car at her house in tambon Phawong of Muang Songkhla district. Then the car was driven about 15 kilometres to tambon Nam Noi in Hat Yai district where her body was burned in a pyre of rubber tyres.

Mr Kritsada is suspected of being involved in Pinyada's disappearance and a court warrant was obtained for his arrest. He surrendered to police late on Sunday and denied all charges.

Ashes and burned bones found in a marsh in Hat Yai district last Friday are believed to be the remains of Pinyada, a well-to-do woman in the direct sales and insurance businesses.

Pinyada was last seen on May 23, and relatives filed a missing person complaint with Muang district police station in Songkhla on May 26.
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