Sunday, 3 June 2018

Public motorcycle taxis preferred to app-based GrabBike: Poll

A majority of people in Bangkok and nearby provinces prefer motorcycle taxis available at designated roadside spots io GrabBike service through a mobile app, according to the result of a survey by National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll.

The poll was conducted on May 30-31 on 1,251 people of various levels of occupations and education residing in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

Asked whether they prefer public motorcycle taxis or GrabBike service, a large majority, 65.58%, said they prefer public motorcycle taxis because they are available at various designated spots along city roads; 34.03% said GrabBike service is their choice; and 0.40% were uncertain or had no comment.

Of those who prefer public motorcycle taxis, 72.96% said they use them because they are available everywhere without having to use the GrabBike app; 24.60% said they regularly use public motorcycle taxis; 17.78% said they personally know drivers of public motorcycle taxis at certain spots and on certain routes; and 0.61% were uncertain or had no comment.

As for those who prefer GrabBike service, 65.09% said it's more convenient to use the service through the mobile app; 40.80% said they know the fare - which is calculated from the actual travel distance - before using the service; and 33.49% said the service providers have good driving manners.

Asked whether they would still use the GrabBike service if it cannot be legally registered to provide public transport, 52.40% said they would not use the service; 43.77% said they would continue to use it; and 3.83% were uncertain or had no comment.
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